Twitter Agenda – 3 hours

The goal of this session is to cover how to use twitter to expand and develop your professional learning network and discover the unlimited tools and possibilities available when you enlarge and enhance your PLN. Participants will get registered and started on twitter, discover how to find people to follow, roadmap the rules, and explore the possibilities of twitter use. As a part of the module the participants will also discover the advantages of delicious and/or other bookmarking tools to create instant access to their website collections.
Welcome and Introductions and Discussion of Objectives: 8:00 – 8:15
Upon completion of the session participants will:
1. Understand how twitter can be used to facilitate and enhance learning in a variety of ways.
2. Create a twitter account
3. Demonstrate through discussion and brainstorming the successful integration of twitter into their curricular instruction including how to overcome the fact that twitter is blocked at most districts.
4. Create a lesson plan that will incorporate the use of twitter. This does not necessarily mean twitter is directly involved, but could mean through a tweet a website or idea is incorporated into the curriculum.
5. Discuss how lists and tweet deck can enhance the twitter experience.
6. Understand hash tags.
7. Discuss and understand how twitter expands and enhances your professional learning network.
8. Understand and use website bookmarking tools such as delicious.
Demonstrate Twitter creation: Demonstration Guided Activity [30 minutes] – 8:15 – 8:45
  • Distribute handouts of the agenda. Review the agenda.
  • Brainstorm ideas of possibilities for twitter in the classroom setting
  • Discuss how twitter could be used even though it is blocked in most educational settings.
  • Demonstrate how delicious is used to bookmark relevant and important sites that are tweeted.
  • Demonstrate hash tags and searching.
  • Explain how to find people to follow.
Independent Work:
Create a twitter account to learn the process: [1 hour] – 8:45 – 9:45
o Create a twitter account.
o Add participants to follow within the workshop.
o Add other people to follow using lists and other methods.
o Create a delicious account
o Send tweets using the hashtag - #tiecadre
o Re-Tweet valuable tweets
o Bookmark valuable websites from tweets received
BREAK – 9:45 - 10:00
Cooperative Groups: Explore other web sites [1 hour] – 10:00 – 11:00
· Cooperative learning activity – break up into groups of 3 or 4 – assign groups which sites to look at depending on how many you have present in the workshop so that all websites and/or alternatives are covered.
· Websites - (I have over 100 websites bookmarked since I started using twitter. Divide your groups into searching the bookmarked sites for presentations, beginners, manuals, tutorials, how twitter could be used, twitter and online safety, why use twitter, etc.) I have divided them up into 3 categories (presentations, tutorials, follow, and why?) on the [[|]] web page.
· Report out on the various websites using tweets to see which are most beneficial. Discuss why you don’t send negative tweets and twitter etiquette.
· Explain how tinyurl or similar url modifiers can assist them in tweeting.
Independent Work: Create lesson plans: Guided work & independent work [15 minutes] – 11:00 – 11:15
· Participants will use the Lesson Plan Template and Lesson Plan Rubric and will create and develop a lesson plan relating to twitter for classroom use.
Cooperative Groups &/or Post session assessment: Further discussions [30 minutes] – 11:15 - 11:45
  • Explore (if it can be installed on workshop computers) and/or demonstrate tweetdeck and how columns and lists for your twitter followers can reduce the amount of time working with tweets received.
  • Discuss and brainstorm further applications of twitter.
  • Discuss backchanneling during presentations and how that is beneficial and a hindrance.
  • Discuss how tweeting and twitter can expand and enhance your professional learning network.
Discussion and Closing
Closing [15 minutes] – 11:45 – 12:00
  • Evaluations
  • Clean up room.
  • Participants should take home all created documents or creations
  • Software and/or creations are removed if applicable.