Twitter Tweet by Tweets
By Susan Gilley

· Go to
· Type in search phrases and see what people are talking about
· Not all profile pics and/or comments are socially acceptable
BASIC SKILLS – Create a Twitter Account
· Go to
· Click sign up now.
· Enter your full name
· Enter your twitter username
· Enter a password – (pick a very secure password)
· Enter your email (note – it will not be displayed)
· Type in the displayed word
· Uncheck the box if you don’t want to receive email updates
· Click create my account
· Expand your professional learning network
o Add the people within the workshop as people to follow
§ Login to Twitter
§ Click on the find people link
§ Type in the created twitter names of the people in your workshop
§ Click on their profile (ordinarily you would check out profile information to determine if you want to follow this person or not)
§ Click follow
· Practice sending tweets
o Send the following tweets to different people within the workshop
§ Welcome @ausername to twitter. We are interested in learning how twitter can help us in education. #tiecadre
o Direct message reply to the 5 people that sent you a tweet with an appropriate response
o Retweet one of the messages sent to you
· Add the following ten people to follow: uniqsuseq, shellterrell, web20classroom, jenwagner, teachakidd, larryferlazzo, cybraryman, rmbyrne, dianadell, and nmhs_principal
· Create the following lists from the people you follow: admin, teachers, technology. For right now it doesn’t matter who is in each list. You are learning how to create a list and pull up the list to check tweets. Add people from your list into each list.
o Click on your profile
o Click on lists
o Click create new list
o Type in the name of the list - – let’s make your lists private for now – click create list
o Click on who you are following – using the icons to the right of each person – click on the list icon and add different people to different lists.
o Click on the home icon within the twitter menu – click on the lists that now appear in your home menu. Note the padlock that shows that your list is locked. This just means that others can’t see the lists you have created. You can change your mind later and make the list open to others if you so desire.
· Click on the people you are following and explore their lists. Choose some lists to follow if you desire.
· (Optional) Choose to receive tweets as text messages
o Click on settings – mobile – and add your mobile number
o Click on the home icon within the twitter menu
o Click on who you are following on the right hand side of the menu
o If you want to receive tweets as a text message click on the phone to turn text messaging on
· Download tweetdeck and create columns and more lists
o Go to
o external image clip_image008.jpgClick on launch tweetdeck
o Once it is downloaded and installed, click on tweet deck for it to open
o Add your username and account information
o Click on the (+) sign at the top of the screen to add a column to your tweet deck
o Enter a word of tweets you are searching for or click on a list to create a column
o Continue adding columns for what you are interested in
o Add a column for the #tiecadre hashtag and/or other hashtags
o Continue exploring tweetdeck
· Explore websites and resources [[|here]]. (
· Participate in #edchat
· Continue to expand your PLN
· Add to the wiki page your personal contributions to enhance the wiki.
· Not all profile pics and/or comments are socially acceptable.
· As with all social networking, you must emphasize cybersafety and internet safety for all users.
· Understand the difference between protected and unprotected tweets.
· Don’t overwhelm yourself. Add people slowly and explore at your own pace.